Facts About Stairlifts And Suppliers In Ireland


The use of stairlifts is commonplace in Ireland. In fact, their use is so typical that they are often seen in TV shows, soap operas, and various films. The sight of them has become so normal that they are almost invisible. The modern version of a stairlift is much more comfortable and quieter than they were in the past. They are made to be discreet so that they will blend in with the background. Here we'll take a look at some facts about stairlifts and suppliers in Ireland such as breffnimobility.com.

A Bit Of History On Stairlifts

It would be reasonable to expect that the first stairlift was made in modern days. That would, however, be incorrect. In fact, the first known stairlift recorded in the UK was used by Henry VIII. Of course, that stairlift was not mechanical and was performed by human servants. The problem was that he ultimately gained so much weight that even his servants were unable to carry him up the stairs.

Some written information suggests that he weighed 30 Stone. According to some information, there might have been some type of makeshift stairlift that was created to assist the king and his servants when moving him up and down the steps. This was said to have significantly improved his ability to get around. With this accounting of a stairlift, they have been with us for some time.

Stairlifts Are So Popular In Ireland They are All Over The Media

When something is as popular as this device it's natural that it'll find its way into modern culture and used by the media. Actors such as Dustin Hoffman have endorsed this tool for those who need it. The music band Gorillaz's mentioned it during a music video called "Do Ya Thing". It can even be found on a video on the popular social network YouTube.

What Health Benefits Do Stairlifts Provide?

The main thing this device is made for is to help those with limited mobility to move around the home more freely. When someone cannot easily go up and down the steps in their home then having this device means they can do so safely. This prevents many physical accidents. As well, it improves the mental state of its users because they feel more relaxed and don't have to worry as much about having an accident. The added sense of independence further improves their mental state.

Not Just For Humans

In Ireland, for many individuals and families, their pets are part of the family. Sometimes a pet gets obese or has physical health problems and that makes it difficult for the animal to go up and down the steps. There are now stairlifts that are specifically designed for pets. There was recently an unveiling of the first stairlift designed for dogs by an insurance company based in the UK. Its cost was around €5,000.

Overweight dogs and other pets are becoming an increasing problem. One way to help them is with this device. Just as it helps humans to be more mobile, it does something similar for pets.

The Different Types Of Stairlifts

One of the most common types of stairlifts is the straight, and next is the curved lift. The straight stairlift is just as you would expect. It is designed to go up stairs that are straight and have no curves. This type will operate very smoothly and is easy to use. The curved is when there is a bend or curve in the staircase. In that case, the stairlift will need to be designed to move with the curve. Curved stairlifts are made to work in a variety of different situations. They can typically hold up to 165 kg. Some may be designed to hold an even heavier weight. 

There are also stairlifts designed for outdoors. There are many homes that have steps that lead up to the house and it will require a stairlift for those with mobility issues. These are made to work under all conditions outdoors.

Some users will want or need low-rise or high-rise platforms. Both of these scenarios can be accommodated. These devices come in a variety of choices which allow each user to decide what works for them the best.

Stairlift Suppliers In Ireland

Abby Mobility

This is a company that provides a variety of choices with their stairlifts. They also are available for servicing and repairing a range of makes and models. They have programs that will allow them to buy back stairlifts that can be reused.

BM Stairlifts

This company offers a choice of stairlifts. They can provide users with straight or curved units. They have stairlifts for use indoors and for outdoor use. They are available for servicing the units and for repair. They also recondition stairlifts.

Goliath Lifts

This company also offers straight and curved stairlifts to fit most any situation in a home. They have lifts that are available for indoor use as well as outdoor use. They also have the option of getting a reconditioned stairlift. They are available for servicing and repairing the units.

These are just a few of the available companies that are reputable in Ireland. If you or a loved one is in need of such a device then you should definitely call on one of the above companies or look at other companies that are available in the area. There is definitely a stairlift that will suit your particular needs and situation and with the choice of new, used, and refurbished, you are sure to find one that is affordable.